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Mann Possession, Trafficking and Major Drug Offender specification charges dismissed ; Client was facing mandatory ten 10 years incarceration — no jail time. Davis Possession and major Drug Offender charges dismissed — no jail ; Client was facing mandatory ten 10 years incarceration — no jail time. United States of America vs.

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Vasquez , client accused of transporting 13 kilograms of cocaine, case dismissed after Suppression Hearing ; Client was facing 30 years — case dismissed! Ruvalcaba client serves six months for possession with intent to distribute lbs. Jenkins all drug charges dismissed ; Client was facing significant jail time.

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Goff, Stepfather who was charged with the artificial insemination of his stepdaughter. Caldwell Criminal gang activity charges dismissed pursuant to an Evidentiary Hearing ; No Jail time.

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Anderson Gang charges dismissed ; Minimal jail time. Gonzalez v. Gonzalez , No. Gooden v. A Ohio C. Guaranteed Mgmt. DeMaio , No. Gorsuch Homes v. Wooten , No. Gorsuch Mgmt.

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Cole , No. Gray v. Grayson v. Farmer , No. Greater Dayton Premier Mgmt. Phillips , No. Green v. Sephus , No.

Greene v. Edwards , No. Greenfield Meadows v. Malone , No. H-1 Mgmt. LLC v. Perryman , No. Hale v. Pease , No. Hall v. Leonard , No. Hamilton Place Assocs. Love , No. Hamlet Mobile Home Park v. Rose , No. RCV Ohio Mun. Hammond v. Cleveland Metro. Hansgen v. Seigel , No. Hardin v. Meyer , No. CVJ Ohio Mun. Harris v. Hampton , No. Hardnick , No. Winston , No. Hawkins v.

Collier , No. Hayes Colony, Ltd. Helm v. Peoples , No. Heritage Hills, Ltd. Bragg , No. Tyler , No. Heritage Place Apts. Ely , No. Hessenhauer Corp. Drinks , No. Hicks v. Hubert , No. Higgins v. Highland Estates Mobile Home Park v. Hi-Land Terrace v. Bartley , No. Hilltop Vill. West , No. Hoffman Arabians, LLC v. Estep , No. Hogan v. Mozik , No. Holman v.

Hood v. Kusior , No. Hornikel v. Watkins , No. Householder v. Edgar , No. Elmore , No. Houtsinger v. Renzelli , No. Howard v. Reeves , No. Simon , No.

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Hudson v. Bates , No. Huffman v. Coshocton Metro. Hummel v.