How do i find my slingbox ip address

Yes, that is what is shown on the left side of the screenshot. Which model of Slingbox are you using? Any older models can have a static IP set through the old Slingplayer software.

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Well it's worth getting the old standalone Slingplayer app and checking out the network settings. So I'm guessing that somehow the Slingbox is on a static IP at. Guess it will have to be one of life's little mysteries. The Slingbox is working as it should and that is what matters. Glad the mystery was solved. Mystery was solved?

We don't how how the Slingbox got a static IP. If I remember correctly the older Slingboxes come with DHCP enabled by default otherwise it wouldn't connect and the static IP was a separate network setting that was rather prominently presented to the user during setup the setup dialog would outright ask for an IP. That's probably how the static IP was inputed during setup. I don't recall ever setting up a static IP.

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It is perhaps possible I did it years ago and have forgotten, that seems to be the only thing that makes sense. But still unclear why the Slingbox was showing at.

OK, thanks, I had thought you meant that. You can only rent it join Princeton, NJ.

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In our experience the quality was fine. Sadly, no love for Windows RT at least not officially. The picture looked best on the Sony since it has the best screen, but the other devices worked well too, depending on the bandwidth available. When enough bandwidth was available, the HQ mode mobile phone app or HD mode only on the tablet app was quite stunning. You can also attach a USB drive to the Slingbox and play photos, music, and video files saved to the drive from your computer. Ha… it is bizarre. Being quirky for the sake of being quirky versus branding. Ah well, at least both the and have excellent integrated IR blasting capabilities — that allows me to overlook the questionable physical design of something that gets buried in a cabinet anyway.

Biggest issue I have found with the new versions of Slingbox is the inability to add a static IP address. I just got home a little while ago and checked my router. So I would think the same thing could be done with the Slingbox That combined with the cost of the applications really, you have to buy separate copies for tablets and phones? I was really hoping Vulkano would give Sling a run for the money, but alas …. This was never an issue until the new Sling release that took away the options to assign a static IP and which port you wished to use.

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I can get to the Slingbox from inside my home network, but not from outside. Pre-Ooma, I could get to my slingbox from any outside network, no problem. Otherwise, my router would grab an IP address in the In summary: Ooma has home port Slingbox is hardwired to always get Everything works fine except Slingbox streaming to external networks.

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