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The task force apparently made several controlled buys within 30 days. Reply Report comment. Did you happen to notice they did it during the summer, you know when school is out. Is their any criminals he is not willing to play lets make a deal.

I bet ol Jameel Leslie is wishing he took that 2nd degree murder offer from the DA now huh. You watch the DA is so bold he will attempt to plea bargain the next two murder cases. While he may feel safe running unopposed for office each time. Just wait til the judges figure out they our not getting the retention votes needed to get all the state benefits.


They will not be so blindly signing off on what ever the DA recommends soon. David Reply Report comment. Tuesday night I went to the city council meeting. I noticed that everybody had papers with the meetings agenda on it and they were supposed to stick to the agenda. Carlos the Goat Reply Report comment. The mayor has dumbed the meetings down to nothingness.

There is no public interest, a lot of people dont even know when they are held. The mayor loves the meetings this way, no controversies that could affect his run for governor. MrsS Reply Report comment.

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I agree that everyone who has anything to do with this should be fired. How can we have faith in the system when crap like this happens? Maybe the judge did us a favor and saved us some money by letting him lose so we can take him out ourselves. Observer Reply Report comment. She was one of four judges handling the case. What did the defense attorney say in the filing for a hearing?

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What evidence was presented to her at the hearing concerning bond? What was in the record from DCS? Unless of course you were in the court room, and read all the documents presented. Something I highly doubt.

Courts are not places of cut and dry business. The results of a court case are dependant on the inputs.

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Evidence, statements, legal filings. And there are laws governing all of them. The Prosecutor can respond if they protest it. But such a request is not made based on feelings. Also known as Michael B Rucker. Includes Address 4 Phone 3 Email 3. Resides in Beverly Hills, CA.


Includes Address 2 Phone 3 Email 4. Resides in Grapevine, TX. Lived In Hurst TX. Includes Address 4 Phone 10 Email 5. Resides in Baltimore, MD. Includes Address 1 Phone 1 Email 2. Resides in Cincinnati, OH. Includes Address 1. Resides in Tallahassee, FL. Also known as Michael C Rucker. Includes Address 1 Phone 6 Email 3. Resides in Louisville, KY. Includes Address 5 Phone 5 Email 4. Resides in Austell, GA. Lived In Douglasville GA. Includes Address 3 Phone 2 Email 4. Resides in Akron, OH. Also known as Michael A Rucker.

Includes Address 4 Phone 3 Email 5. Resides in Central Point, OR.

Dustin Lee Rucker Prison Records

Also known as Michael J Rucker. Includes Address 2 Phone 1 Email Resides in Lawrenceburg, KY. Addisonof the Statesville Police Departmentjoin U. According to court records, plea documents and statements made in court, on June 30, , in the early hours of the morning, the Statesville Police Department received a call for a domestic disturbance at the Times Gas Station, located at E.

Garner Bagnal Blvd. Court records show that the caller told the operator that a male was assaulting a female with a firearm. Officers arrested Rucker, and located nearby a firearm,loaded with two rounds of ammunition. According to court records, officers spoke with two witnesses at the gas station who identified Rucker as the individual possessing the firearm.

The witnesses stated that Ruckera ssaulted the female victim with the firearm, and that during the assault the magazine fell from the firearm. Rucker reinserted the magazine into the firearm and proceeded to chase the victim.